Electric Radiators

Have you seen the latest collection of electric radiators for your home? Those clever people at The Radiator company have launched a collection of fabulous new modern electric radiator styles which are perfect for the sylish home. Made from recycled marble, the electric radiator is easy to fit, throws out loads of heat and is […]

Do You Have Electric Heating?

You can now buy designer electric radiators for your electric heating system, the new styles of column and panel are modern, bright and come in lots of colours and even have the choice of LED lighting. Match it to your decor and personality, electric radiators can you reflect your home’s uniqueness, so change one or […]

Has You Home Been Flooded?

Lots in the news right now about floods across the UK wth Bath being no exception. Detecting whether flood water has damaged electrical wiring at home requires careful observation and often the assistance of a qualified electrician. Here are some signs that may indicate water damage to electrical wiring: If you observe any of these […]

Three’s A Crowd

Using too many electrical extension leads can indeed pose several dangers, primarily related to overloading the electrical circuit: To mitigate these risks, it’s essential to follow best practices when using extension leads: By adhering to these guidelines, you can help ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your property. For more information contact your […]

Full Versus Partial Rewire

A partial electrical rewire and a full electrical rewire refer to different levels of upgrading or replacing the electrical wiring in a building. Here are the key differences between the two: Factors influencing the decision: It’s important to consult with a licensed electrician to assess the specific needs of your building and determine whether a […]

An Electricians Day

A day in the life of an electrician can vary depending on their specialisation, work environment, and the specific projects they are working on. Here’s a general overview: Morning Preparation:Electricians typically start their day early. They review their schedule, gather tools and equipment needed for the day’s tasks, and ensure that all safety gear is […]

Do You Need a Minor Works Certificate?

A Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (also known as a Minor Works Certificate or MW certificate) is a document used to certify that electrical installation work has been completed in accordance with the relevant regulations. It is typically used for smaller, non-complex electrical works. The certificate is issued by a registered and qualified electrician who […]

Electrical Success for Arcs in January!

arcs and sparks van at bath royal crescent

January has been a very busy time for our electricians, with a record number of telephone calls and hits to our website, we have reached our target to attend to all electrical emergencies within 2 hours. By far the most popular job has been the completion of Electrical Test and Inspect Reports needed by landlords […]

Go Green With an EV Charger

With the surge in people opting to buy a green electric vehicle, here at Arcs and Sparks we are inundated with requests to supply and install an EV charger to homes within Bath. A usually straightforward process, unless your electrics need updating, then you may need an upto date fuseboard and or connections to this. […]

Making Smoke Alarms A Priority

Had a visit today from those clever people at AICO who supply Smoke & Heat detectors. Arcs and Sparks have been installing these essential wired in alarms to people in Bath for over 10 years now. With a strong electrical background, AICO are always on hand to offer technical advice to our electricians in Bath. […]

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