Battery Storage

Battery storage refers to the technology that allows electrical energy to be stored in a rechargeable battery system for later use. This type of energy storage has gained significant attention and importance in the context of renewable energy integration, where it plays a crucial role in addressing the intermittent nature of sources like solar and […]

Think Heat – Think Electric

Why an electric boiler might be the smart choice for your home. Electric boilers are generally considered to be highly efficient, as they convert almost all of the electricity into heat. There is minimal heat loss during the conversion process. Electric boilers are typically smaller and more compact than their gas or oil counterparts. This […]

Fuseboard Tripping?

If your electric fuseboard (or circuit board) keeps tripping, it could be an indication of an electrical issue that needs attention. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and address the problem: Identify the Cause:Check which circuit or circuits are tripping. Unplug or turn off the appliances and devices on that circuit. Look […]

Are You Secure?

Installing CCTV cameras outside your home and office can be a good security measure to deter potential intruders and monitor activities around your premises. Here are some general steps to help you install CCTV cameras: Before proceeding, check local laws and regulations regarding CCTV installations to ensure compliance. Our securty consultant at Arcs and Sparks […]

Christmas Opening Times

We are open at the following times over Christmas: Christmas Eve 8.30 – 5.00pmChristmas Day CLOSEDBoxing Day CLOSEDDecmber 27th Open as NormalDecember 28th Open as Normal December 29th Open as NormalDecember 30th CLOSEDDecember 31st CLOSEDJanuary 1st CLOSEDJanuary 2nd 2024 Open As Normal We would like to wish a very merry christmas and a happy new […]

We Are Open!

Our brand new office is now open for you to visit. We have spent the last 3 months redeveloping the space and it looks fantastic! Have you seen the signs? Located on London Road, right next door to KwikFit, you can’t miss us and we would be pleased to welcome you. Pop in to discuss […]

Electrics and Child Safety

Teaching children about electrical safety is crucial to help them understand the potential dangers associated with electricity and how to stay safe. Here are some tips on how to teach your children about electrical safety: Start Early: Use Visual Aids: Explain the Basics: Identify Electrical Devices: Teach Safe Practices: Introduce Safety Equipment: Discuss Outdoor Electrical […]

Don’t Be Dim, This Winter

Dimmer switches are devices that allow you to control the brightness of a light fixture. They provide the flexibility to adjust the lighting levels in a room according to your preferences and needs. Here is some information about dimmer switches in the home: Types of Dimmer Switches: Benefits of Dimmer Switches: Installation Tips: Remember that […]

Raise the Alarm!

Installing smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), and heat alarms in your home is crucial for several reasons, all related to ensuring the safety of you and your family. Here are some key reasons why you should install these alarms: 1. Early Detection of Fire: 2. Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: 3. Protection Against Heat Sources: 4. […]

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